The Bleach Project

I was invited to join a cosplay shoot sometime ago, it was this first time I eve5r did a scripted photo shoot. Everything was pre-plan by Freaky and SweeAnn, Freaky wrote the script and SweeAnn got everyone together, I was to just go there and shoot, kudos to them. Most if not all of us had no prior experience in this, everyone was anxious. The shoot ended without any major incidents, everyone had fun.

I stop watching Bleach myself when I find it too long to my liking, I prefer story with an ending in the not too distant future. Yeah and I never bothered about Naruto :P

I was hoping to finish this strip a while ago, alas life caught up, guess I'm long overdue. Might as well post this up, see if it'll give me more urge to finish.


The cast....

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