The Bleach Project

This nest was build right next to my front door, well within reach. And with great luck the eggs hatched and life begins.


Added another yet to be finished project of mine.


Today marks the beginning of a new year on the Chinese calendar. For those celebrating it, I wish you a prosperous return in the coming 12 months.

Added lightbox features in the feature images. By Lokesh Dhakar.


New galleries added!!!


Happy New Year!!!

I better get my priorities sorted...:P


Got new camera recently, a D300.

New gallery added, My recently trip to Japan, Queen of Triumph International @ The Curve.

I wasn't planning to put it up before I actually have a completed site. But it seems I needed a gallery urgently. So here it is. More to come in the near future...I hope.

I wouldn't even call this half done. The site is basically bits and pieces hastily patch together, the final work might not resemble this at all. We'll just have to see.



Fashion On One 06 Fashion On One 07 KL International Motor Show 06
Runway Of Inspiration @ Pavillion Queen of Triumph International @ The Curve Mines Batik Festival 07
Auto Shanghai 2009    
Yunnan, China Japan Huangshan
Misc Veene - Classic Portrait  
Adrian & Jenny Ivan And Theresa Andrew And Jess

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